2016 Fall Vendor Map

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Here is a map of our new location and a list of the vendors that have reserved spaces for our fall season each Saturday through October 15th.

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line map

Vendor List Alphabetical

A Fresh Start (Clair Beaver) C7
Abbalina Gladrags (Abigail and Jan Schrade & Weller) A5
Alpine Express Foodtruck (Michelle Toller) J1-J2
Alpine Valley Kitchen (Nancy Bischoff) A19-A20
Angie’s Greenhouse (Angie Olsen) D2-D3
Armer Photography (David Armer) G4
Batcat Craftications (Amy Weeks) D1
Bauer Country Furniture (Dwaine Bauer) A17
Becker, Marlene H17
Beverly Enterprises (Beverly Schmeeckle) G16-G17
Blaine Mountain Salsa Works (Daniel Erickson) D10
Blais, Donald G14-G15
Borgen, Debra & Terry B6-B7
Buckles Bucket Seat (Thomas Delong) D26
Bunting Farms (Carol Bunting) A1-A2
Canna Beez (Becky Hilker) D22
Carver, Martha D12
Ceramics By Joyce (Joyce Heikens) B3
Cherry Creek Gardens & Farms (Dennis & Helen Tobiason) H1
CJ’s Cording (Carmen Inabnit) B4-B5
Coras Bowtique (Lois Wisher) A6
Crazy Ladies Mini Mall (Mary Brown) A10-A11
Creative Stone Carvings (Robert Dent) D17
Dan’s Planters (Dan Naldrett) D4-D5
Dannik Gardens (Dan Fisher) D13-D14
Darsroc (Donald Smith) D24-D25
Farm to Market Pork (Duane Braaten) H18-H19
Fisher’s Greenhouses (Karen Fisher) C1-C2
Flathead Lake Cheese (Wendi Joe & Gwen Arnold) E24-E25
Gifts Galore (Beverly Medved) E15-E16
Green Sand Garden (John & Jean Williams) B8
Hanged Man Enterprises (Chad Eaton) B10-B11
Heavens Peak Photography (Victor Brozovich) C10-C11
Heiser, Allen E22-E23
Hoes, Deb C14-C15
Honeyplace’s (Ed & Sharon Hawkinson) A15-A16
In Rose’s Garden Custom Treasures (Rosanna Brafford) F19-F20
J C Candies (John Colwell) K2-K3
Jewel Basin Jewelry (Jacqueline Whitehorn) A7
John’s Woodworking & Ruth’s Creations (John & Ruth Gibbs) G2-G3
Johnson, Polly E1-E2
Lilly’s of the Valley (Lily Dooris) A3-A4
Louden, Patty and Ken D7-D8
Love Your Farmgirl (Janine Rubinfier) A12
Lower Valley Farm (Mandy Gerth) H9-H10
Mary’s Little Lambs (Mary Warner) F18
Maul, Ed F21-F22
Millers Bakery (Tammy Miller) E3
Montana Maille (Stephanie Wodtli) C8
Mountain Candles & Crafts (Angie Battello) C12-C13
Never Give Up Apiary (Arvon & Helen Fielding) F1-F2
Nordic Allure (Gloria Linder) D19
On U Designs (Tammy Denmark) D21
Original Egg Game tm (Erich Jonas) D16
Ottey’s Garden (Mark Ottey)F16-F17
Patio Comfort (Marc Scott) H2-H3
Pie in the Big Sky (Laurel Emert) F7
Polebridge Bakery (Will Hammerquist) D11
Potting Studio (Cheryl Lowe) E20-E21
Raiman, Debbie E26
Raven Ridge Farm (Valerie Edwards) H11-H12
Red Rocket Farms (Kathy Catalano) B14-B15
Saltz, Richard B1-B2
Scandinavian Baking Company (Mette Cephers) K7-K8
Shelly’s Jelly (Al & Shelly Withall) D27-D28
Sparky’s Junk Yard Art (Wayne Hill) C16-C17
Sweet Pickins Kettle Corn (Terry Devries) K1
Sweet Traditions (Debra Young) H13-H14
Terrapin Farm (Judy Owsowitz) B12-B13
The Osprey Café (Zachary Heller) K15-K16
Tiensvold Orchard (Rebecca Tremba “Tiensvold”) D23
Trappers Cabin Furniture (Kirk & Donna Bauer) A18
Two Bear Farm (Rebecca Ulizio) H15-H16
Upcycled Art (Sarah Nelson) F4
Usahandcrafted (Wayne & Page Rovang) D18
Whitefish Stage Gardens (Susan LaFemina) F14-F15
Whitefish Stage Organic Farms (Megan Lester) B16-B17
Winter Valley Crafts (Betty Rendahl) G1
Wintercrest Farms (Janice & Jacy Olson Dowler) C3-C4
Zolotareff, Tatiana B9

Vendor list by location

1. Bunting Farms (Carol Bunting)
2. Bunting Farms (Carol Bunting)
3. Lilly’s of the Valley (Lily Dooris)
4. Lilly’s of the Valley (Lily Dooris)
5. Abbalina Gladrags (Abigail and Jan Schrade & Weller)
6. Coras Bowtique (Lois Wisher)
7. Jewel Basin Jewelry (Jacqueline Whitehorn)
10. Crazy Ladies Mini Mall (Mary Brown)
11. Crazy Ladies Mini Mall (Mary Brown)
12. Love Your Farmgirl (Janine Rubinfier)
15. Honeyplace’s (Ed & Sharon Hawkinson)
16. Honeyplace’s (Ed & Sharon Hawkinson)
17. Bauer Country Furniture (Dwaine Bauer)
18. Trappers Cabin Furniture (Kirk & Donna Bauer)
19. Alpine Valley Kitchen (Nancy Bischoff)
20. Alpine Valley Kitchen (Nancy Bischoff)

1. Richard Saltz
2. Richard Saltz
3. Ceramics By Joyce (Joyce Heikens)
4. CJ’s Cording (Carmen Inabnit)
5. CJ’s Cording (Carmen Inabnit)
6. Debra & Terry Borgen
7. Debra & Terry Borgen
8. Green Sand Garden (John & Jean Williams)
9. Tatiana Zolotareff
10. Hanged Man Enterprises (Chad Eaton)
11. Hanged Man Enterprises (Chad Eaton)
12. Terrapin Farm (Judy Owsowitz)
13. Terrapin Farm (Judy Owsowitz)
14. Red Rocket Farms (Kathy Catalano)
15. Red Rocket Farms (Kathy Catalano)
16. Whitefish Stage Organic Farms (Megan Lester)
17. Whitefish Stage Organic Farms (Megan Lester)

1. Fisher’s Greenhouses (Karen Fisher)
2. Fisher’s Greenhouses (Karen Fisher)
3. Wintercrest Farms (Janice & Jacy Olson Dowler)
4. Wintercrest Farms (Janice & Jacy Olson Dowler)
7. A Fresh Start (Clair Beaver)
8. Montana Maille (Stephanie Wodtli)
10. Heavens Peak Photography (Victor Brozovich)
11. Heavens Peak Photography (Victor Brozovich)
12. Mountain Candles & Crafts (Angie Battello)
13. Mountain Candles & Crafts (Angie Battello)
14. Deb Hoes
15. Deb Hoes
16. Sparky’s Junk Yard Art (Wayne Hill)
17. Sparky’s Junk Yard Art (Wayne Hill)

1. Batcat Craftications (Amy Weeks)
2. Angie’s Greenhouse (Angie Olsen)
3. Angie’s Greenhouse (Angie Olsen)
4. Dan’s Planters (Dan Naldrett)
5. Dan’s Planters (Dan Naldrett)
7. Patty & Ken Louden
8. Patty & Ken Louden
10. Blaine Mountain Salsa Works (Daniel Erickson)
11. Polebridge Bakery (Will Hammerquist)
12. Martha Carver
13. Dannik Gardens (Dan Fisher)
14. Dannik Gardens (Dan Fisher)
16. Original Egg Game tm (Erich Jonas)
17. Creative Stone Carvings (Robert Dent)
18. Usahandcrafted (Wayne & Page Rovang)
19. Nordic Allure (Gloria Linder)
21. On U Designs (Tammy Denmark)
22. Canna Beez (Becky Hilker)
23. Tiensvold Orchard (Rebecca Tremba “Tiensvold”)
24. Darsroc (Donald Smith)
25. Darsroc (Donald Smith)
26. Buckles Bucket Seat (Thomas Delong)
27. Shelly’s Jelly (Al & Shelly Withall)
28. Shelly’s Jelly (Al & Shelly Withall)

1. Polly Johnson
2. Polly Johnson
3. Millers Bakery (Tammy Miller)
15. Gifts Galore (Beverly Medved)
16. Gifts Galore (Beverly Medved)
20. Potting Studio (Cheryl Lowe)
21. Potting Studio (Cheryl Lowe)
22. Allen Heiser
23. Allen Heiser
24. Flathead Lake Cheese (Wendi Joe & Gwen Arnold)
25. Flathead Lake Cheese (Wendi Joe & Gwen Arnold)
26. Debbie Raiman

1. Never Give Up Apiary (Arvon & Helen Fielding)
2. Never Give Up Apiary (Arvon & Helen Fielding)
4. Upcycled Art (Sarah Nelson)
7. Pie in the Big Sky (Laurel Emert)
14. Whitefish Stage Gardens (Susan LaFemina)
15. Whitefish Stage Gardens (Susan LaFemina)
16. Ottey’s Garden (Mark Ottey)
17. Ottey’s Garden (Mark Ottey)
18. Mary’s Little Lambs (Mary Warner)
19. In Rose’s Garden Custom Treasures (Rosanna Brafford)
20. In Rose’s Garden Custom Treasures (Rosanna Brafford)
21. Ed Maul
22. Ed Maul

1. Winter Valley Crafts (Betty Rendahl)
2. John’s Woodworking & Ruth’s Creations (John & Ruth Gibbs)
3. John’s Woodworking & Ruth’s Creations (John & Ruth Gibbs)
4. Armer Photography (David Armer)
14. Donald Blais
15. Donald Blais
16. Beverly Enterprises (Beverly Schmeeckle)
17. Beverly Enterprises (Beverly Schmeeckle)

1. Cherry Creek Gardens & Farms (Dennis & Helen Tobiason)
2. Patio Comfort (Marc Scott)
3. Patio Comfort (Marc Scott)
9. Lower Valley Farm (Mandy Gerth)
10. Lower Valley Farm (Mandy Gerth)
11. Raven Ridge Farm (Valerie Edwards)
12. Raven Ridge Farm (Valerie Edwards)
13. Sweet Traditions (Debra Young)
14. Sweet Traditions (Debra Young)
15. Two Bear Farm (Rebecca Ulizio)
16. Two Bear Farm (Rebecca Ulizio)
17. Marlene Becker
18. Farm to Market Pork (Duane Braaten)
19. Farm to Market Pork (Duane Braaten)

1. Alpine Express Foodtruck (Michelle Toller)
2. Alpine Express Foodtruck (Michelle Toller)

1. Sweet Pickins Kettle Corn (Terry Devries)
2. J C Candies (John Colwell)
3. J C Candies (John Colwell)
7. Scandinavian Baking Company (Mette Cephers)
8. Scandinavian Baking Company (Mette Cephers)
15. The Osprey Café (Zachary Heller)
16. The Osprey Café (Zachary Heller)

2016 Scholarship Awards

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The Kalispell Farmers Market is proud to announce it has chosen 4 recipients to receive scholarships for continuing their educations in 2016.  Each of the following students have been awarded a scholarship in the amount of $500:

Carson Brown – Glacier High School
Darby Mackenstadt – Flathead High School
Megan Nielsen – Whitefish High School
Chasen Waltman – Stillwater Christian School

Congratulations to all of you.

Spring 2016 Parking Meeting

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Click here to Download a copy of this newsletter

**_Updates_April 12th **
Our previous letter stated 2 incorrect dates, be sure to take note: the Spring Season continues through July 23rd, and our indoor market at the fairgrounds takes place on October 22nd.

Spring Header

Welcome Spring!
I hope you have all had a great winter to rest up and enjoy some down time. The market will be starting before we know it. I am looking forward to seeing all of you with your new crafts, plants and cannot wait for the freshest produce around. I just finished my last squash and all I have left from last year’s market are a couple of cloves of garlic. Happy planting and see you all soon at the Market!

Board of Directors for the 2016 Season
Dwaine Bauer, Duane Braaten, Victor Brozovich,
Carol Bunting, Val Edwards, Dan Fisher,
Dan Sanders, Mary Warner, Jean Williams

Reserved Spring Parking Meeting
It’s time to reserve your parking space for the 2016 Spring Season. Spring season starts May 7th and runs for twelve weeks including July 23rd 2016. Please complete the application on line at kalispellfarmersmarket.org and request your space/spaces. The maximum number of spaces is two spaces per family. Space size is approximately 8x 23- equal to between the lines of a car space and no more than 23 feet in length. Please send payment by check or money order to the PO Box listed below. The reserved fees are $90.00 for one space and $180.00 for two spaces for the spring season. Payment must be postmarked by April 1 2016 to hold your space from the prior year. Reserved parking is open all season for everyone and no reduced rates.

Kalispell Farmers’ Market
Spring Parking Reservation
P.O. Box 665
Kalispell, MT 59903-0665

• The Spring parking meeting is April 11, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. It will be held at the Kalispell Montessori School at 349 Willow Glen Drive, Kalispell. If you do not attend the meeting you can still get reserved parking and get an assigned space or select one from what is available.
• As in the past, reserved spring parking may be rolled over from the previous year (same space for same season) if you used it three (3) times during the 2015 spring season. If you are requesting the same space and you return your reserved spring parking application with the fee by the postmark deadline, you DO NOT need to attend the meeting.
• If you choose to be in the drawing for a new or different space, you or a designated person must be at the Parking Meeting to choose the space. THE MARKET MANAGER CANNOT DRAW FOR YOU! You can hold your current space in case you do not like the spaces available to you, at which time you may select a new space or keep your current space.

Remember you or a representative will need to attend the meeting to draw for your space.

ATTENTION ALL VENDORS: The Market is only posting newsletters and applications on the web page. Be sure to check it often as no more snail mail will be sent out.

Be sure to read the 2016 Regulations and 2016 Parking Regulations

By submitting your application online you agree that you have read and understand these rules and regulations and will abide by them.

Anyone not following the rules will be issued a written warning and the second time will be asked to not return to the Market. The vendor asked to leave will have to go before the board and present their case to try and get reinstated.

If you have any concerns, ideas or grievances and would like to submit a written statement please see the Market Manager for the appropriate form. These are passed on to the board of directors. All issues will be handled with strict confidentiality and will be followed up by the Board of Directors.


Please bring all safety concerns during the market to the Market Manager. The Market manager can be reached on Saturdays during the Market @ 260-5102. (This is only turned on for the Saturday market hours and no voice mail will be answered)


 Some Friendly Reminders

Vendors must park their personal vehicles and trailers that do not fit in their space or are not being used to sell out of, in the South lot across from the motorcycle class parking lot.

No vehicles may park on any grass at FVCC at any time!

Please be courteous to your neighboring vendors. Ask first if your canopy can cross over into their space. If your canopy is larger than eight feet it must be approved by the vendor next to you. Home Depot and K Mart have eight foot canopies.

Look for print advertisements for the Market weekly in the Daily Inter Lake, the Flathead Beacon, and the Mountain Trader. Listen for radio advertisements on KOFI Radio Thurs., Fri., and Sat. mornings. Quarterly ads are in the Shop Local and Senior News. Weekly the Market is on Craig’s List and KCFW community events. We encourage all vendors to advertise on their Facebook pages, local craft sites, Craig’s List, or any other places that will increase the visibility of the Market.

 Mark your calendars
Fall registration will be due by July 1, 2016. This will be done on the Market web page at


The indoor Holiday Market is scheduled for Saturday, October 22, 2016 at the Flathead County Fairgrounds. Those wishing to attend this market need to participate in a minimum of SIX outdoor markets during the 2016 selling season. Applications and details will follow in the Fall newsletter.