Important Message From the Market


April 29, 2020

Dear Vendors,

This has been a challenging year, but we are finally poised to open the 2020 season this Saturday, May 2nd.  That is not to say nothing has changed.  In this Covid environment we must make changes in how we do business to be able to adhere to State and local expectations regarding vendor and public safety.   We have also committed to the college that we will make these changes in order to be open.  Many of our vendors and customers are in vulnerable populations and we will take every precaution to keep our community safe.

These changes will impact some of you more than others and it will be every individual vendors decision whether or not to participate under these circumstances.  Making the decision to join the market means you will be committed to adherence of Market precautions.

The following bullet points are what is minimally expected of all vendors if they want to participate in the market at this time:

·      Do not attend market if you have sore throat, fever, cough or have been traveling outside of county/state within last 14 days

·      Come with predetermined concept of how your booth can be set up to encourage compliance with social distancing of 6 feet between all people at the market, including your neighboring vendors.  Please role model the 6 foot distance by keeping it with fellow vendors.

·      If you only have one space, a vendors may have to try to restrict themselves to center of their display to assure the 6 foot distance from all other vendors

·      Hand sanitizing or washing capability for yourself in the booth

·      No tablecloths.  Washable surfaces only that are to be sanitized frequently or after each customer transaction. 

·      Commercial wipe/spray sanitizers or mild chlorine solutions in a spray bottle may be used.

·      Create safe way for yourself and the customer to take money/cards

·      If you line off social distancing perimeters.  Use tape that can be easily removed at market end  – no chalk, paint or otherwise products that leave residue on asphalt

·      Remind customers to keep physical distance

·      Be friendly, cordial and professional, but do not encourage socializing and lingering at booths

·      Do not allow customers to handle product, assist with selection and subsequent sales

·      All precooked food items will be prepackaged.

·      No food, juice or drink sampling of any kind.

·      Food vendors that cook on site and have customers waiting for orders will be in the end lot to help maintain crown distancing

·      No tables and chairs allowed at food areas that encourage socializing or group dining

·      Masks are suggested, but not required

These Covid restrictions are in place until further notice.  We all crave the notion of returning to life and market as usual, but this will not happen for at least the short term.  Until the situation changes, we will do our best to make it safe for all of us.

Please call if you need suggestions on how to make your booth work within these guidelines.

Thank you for your patience.

Cheryl Lowe
Board President
Kalispell Farmers Market