2019 Spring Newsletter


Kalispell Farmers’ Market

Spring 2019 Newsletter

 PO Box 665 Kalispell MT 59903 ~ Voicemail 881-~4078

Hello Vendors,       

I am sure you all are hoping to welcome Spring soon!

Look out for the new Kalispell Farmers Market posters and cards going out across the valley for this season. Victor Brozovich has done a fabulous job putting together yet another beautiful market poster. Board members will be distributing these out onto bulletin boards, RV parks and in hotels across the valley.  The board has been working very hard on increasing advertising and making wonderful changes to the market.

Returning vendors please register for the 2019 season and remember you may register for both Spring and Fall at the same time, but you only have to pay for Spring at this time. You may also pay for Fall at this time if you would like. If you do not pay for Fall at this time, payment will need to be due postmarked by July 1, 2019, or paid at the market by June29th.  Please complete the application on line at: kalispellfarmersmarket.org and request your space/spaces.  Be sure to read the 2019 Rules and Regulations. Reserved parking is never prorated. If you sign up later the price will still be $90.00 per space.

By submitting your application on line you agree that you have read and understand these rules and regulations and will abide by them.  

You agree you have mailed in your food license, cottage food license, mobile license, insurance, or state paperwork if you sell food items that pertain to your booth.

If you sell plants, trees or scrubs, and you purchase plugs or plants , please mail in your packing sheets or paperwork showing ship dates , These are needed before you sell them at the market and must show you have the plugs, plants or trees, roses or scrubs in your possession for the required amount of time. (60 days on plants/plugs and 90 days on trees, scrubs, roses etc.)

To keep your space for the Spring 2019 season, your payment must be postmarked by April 3rd.

Mail payment to: KFM PO BOX 665 Kalispell MT 59903.

 Checks will not be cashed until after the parking meeting.

If you are new to getting reserved parking or if you want to change spaces from the prior Spring 2018 season, you may attend the spring parking meeting. A vendor may also send a representative to represent them if they are not able to attend. The parking spaces are assigned by a drawing and the vendor then selects the space/spaces they would like in the turn that their number is drawn. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND unless you are getting a new space or changing spaces for reserved parking. Spaces will be available thru the Market Master if you cannot attend.  

SPRING PARKING MEETING will be held:  For those wishing to switch spaces or those getting a new space. This meeting is very short meeting for only assigning parking spaces.

When: Monday April 8th

Where: Willow Glen Montessori campus  @ 349 Willow Glen Drive Kalispell

Time: 6:30 PM

Fee: $90.00 per space for the 12 week Spring -season from May 4th-July 20th

Maximum of three spaces per vendor.

This parking meeting is very short and if you are not able to attend or send a representative, then you can come to the market and select a space. There are no deadlines for reserved parking. Applications are accepted all season. Reserved parking is open until all spaces are filled.

Please read all the rules and regulations before submitting your application. There are a few changes. It is good to refresh yourself on the rules and regulations. By submitting your application you are agreeing to abide by all the Kalispell Farmers Markets rules and regulations. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to talk to the market master.


Spring parking fees postmarked by April 3rd for returning reserved vendors

Spring parking meeting April 8th

Spring Market Season:  May 4th – July 20th

Fall payments paid at market or postmarked by July 1st to keep reserved space

Fall parking meeting July 8th

Fall Market Season : July 27th – October 12

Harvest and Holiday Market October 19th @ Flathead County Fairgrounds 9-3:30 application will be out September 1st

Board  Members for the 2019 season are:

Duane Braaten                 Victor Brozovich             Carol Bunting

Cassady Daley                 Dan Erickson                   Mandy Gerth

Cheryl Lowe                    Dan Sanders                     Jean Williams

Please bring all safety concerns during the market to the Market Manager. The Market manager can be reached on Saturdays during the Market @ 260-5102. (This is only turned on for the Saturday market hours and no voice mail will be answered)

 Some Friendly Reminders:

All vendors must park their personal vehicles and trailers that do not fit in their space or are not being used to sell out of, in the North lot across from the motorcycle class parking lot. Do not park behind the building next to the market lot.

All vendors are encouraged  to advertise on their Facebook pages, local craft sites, Craig’s List, or any other places that will increase the visibility of the Market.  Share the market page on Fridays and Saturday or check in with the market Facebook  page on Saturday mornings to help promote the market.  Let all your Facebook people know you are at the market. This social media advertising reaches many and is free! Let’s make 2019 the higherst customer volume year to date! Another great way it to like the Market Page we should have all 240 vendors like the page and that also promotes more exposure. IF all vendors  shared the page or checked in we would be reaching thousands of potential vendors each week! Imagine how many more customers would attend the market.  So let set a goal for everyone to like the page , share the page, and check in when you arrive to the market. Let see the market grow!

Remember you may register for Fall and Spring at the same time. Fall payments and/or registration will be due by July 1, 2019. This will be done on the Market web page at kalispellfarmersmarket.org. The fall parking meeting will be Monday July 8th for those wishing to change spaces or those wanting to get reserved space/spaces for the fall season. An email regarding fall parking will be sent at a later date. Another reminder the market accepts applications all season long.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the market for another wonderful year!

Best Regards,

Carla Rose

Market Master