2017 Fall Parking Meeting


Hello Vendors,

It is that time of year again to register for the  Fall season. It does not seem possible that we have already had  seven markets. The online registration works just like the mail in registrations did in the past. One application for Spring and Fall. This year they were combined so you could register for both at the same time. Another great feature added by our wonderful Web master. So if you have not registered for Fall and plan on attending please do so now.

If you registered and paid your fall fees you are good for fall.  If you registered but have not paid for fall send in your fees of $90.00 per space to the P.O. Box 665 Kalispell MT  59903. If you have not registered or paid please do so. The registration fees need to be postmarked by July 7th.

If you do not have reserved parking and would like to get reserved parking then plan to attend the parking meeting on July 10th at 6:30 PM at the Kalispell Montessori Willow Glen Campus at 349 Willow Glen Drive (not the one by Woodland Park). Only vendors who are changing spaces or those getting a new space/spaces need to attend.

There has been a change to the rules and regulations to include:

All vendors are responsible for their displays and items they are selling. If your canopy, belongings or vended items were to blow over, fall or damage any vendors cars, items displayed,  booth or the person, the vendor that caused such damage is liable financially for any damage that is caused by said vendor.

Also a few reminders;

All vendors must adhere to all rules and regulations.

1) Vendors may not sell to non vendors before the bell rings!

2) You may not drive out of the market until the last bell rings.

3) Vendors may not sell items that you did not make or grow yourself.

4) Vendors must be in line for non-reserved before 8 AM late entries will not be excepted.

5) Nothing can be on the grass at FVCC including vehicles.

6) Non one is allowed on the FVCC property before 6 AM and Reserved vendors may not enter into their space before 6:30 AM.

7) No vendors may advertise verbally or with signage stating that your products are ORGANIC  unless your property is certified and your paperwork is on file with the market manager.

PLEASE review the rules and regulations if you have any questions.

Please talk to all customers and ask them to park on the  East side of the Nursing building. There are signs going down Grandview Drive from the light on Hwy 93 N to the Farmers Market Parking lot. At the entrance there is a sign stating the market hours. For the upcoming four weeks, the Board is hiring some parking attendants to encourage customers to use this parking lot assigned to the Market by the College. If you know of anyone interested in working from 8 to 12 or 12:30 directing people where to park please have them apply with LC Staffing. The other parking lot to the North is just too small for all of the customers. The attendant stationed at the East lot will hand out tickets for customers to enter to win $50.00 in market  bucks that they can spend at the market. These tickets will be placed in a bucket on the market trailer and one winner will be draw per week.  If you receive any of the market buck for purchases you will be reimbursed by the market manager the day of the sales. Call the market manager on the Saturday phone @ 260-5102 and she will pay you for the value of the market buck that are redeemed at your booth. This should help get the customers parking in the larger East lot and it is close to the market also.

Fall Season is from July 29th to October 14th. The Holiday Market is October 21st 2017.

Thank you everyone for an amazing start to the 2017 season. There are lots of new faces at the market. Please welcome all new vendors and show them what an awesome group of vendors we have at the Kalispell Farmers Market.


Carla Rose
Market Manager