2016 Fall Newsletter

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Members of the Kalispell Farmers Market,

The Board of Directors of the Kalispell Farmers Market (KFM) have been notified by FVCC that construction on the new student housing will commence within the next 6 weeks and that we must abandon use of the north and south parking lots that the market is currently using. In return FVCC will be offering us the use of LOT C which is just south of Ross Hall on this map:


It borders on Grandview Drive.  Customers will be able to park in the lot just south of the Arts and Technology building and is also next to the Broussard Center for Nursing and Health Sciences.

The good news is that all the vendors will be in one lot again!
Customers will have a larger parking area and it is just a short distance away.

We will implement this change with the start of the fall season which will be July 30th. In order to make this happen we need to have everyone draw for parking spaces again. A meeting to do this is scheduled for Monday, July 11th at 6:30 PM at the Flathead Electric Community Room (2510 US Highway 2 East). Doors will open at 6 PM.

Those vendors who have been members in the spring and/or fall season 2015 will be in the first drawing. Newer members who have just joined in the spring season of 2016 will be in the 2nd drawing. As with all other parking space meetings, you or a designated representative MUST be there for the drawing and choosing of your parking space. Parking fees are $90.00 per space and must be paid before the meeting or at the meeting before the drawing. The fees are $90.00 for one space or $180.00 for two spaces. This is for the twelve week season (July 30th-October 15th).  Spaces may or may not be available after the meeting and is on a first come basis, per the above rules.

We also ask that if you usually sign up for one season out of the year, to please let us know that.

We regret that another change has to be made in venue so soon after moving to FVCC, but this is something that could not be avoided.
Dates to remember:
July 1st – registration fees and application due for fall season 2016

July 11th – parking meeting at Flathead Electric Community room 6:30 pm(You or a representative must be there to choose your space.)

July 30th – Fall season 2016 begins in the new Lot C  on the south end of FVCC

Fall season is July 30-October 15th 2016.

Oct 22nd – Holiday Harvest Market is October 22nd 2016 at the Flathead County Fairgrounds.

Annual Meeting November-date TBA

March 30, 2017 Scholarship applications due

Please check the web site for any information that you will need.

The Board wishes to thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter.

-Kalispell Farmers Market Board of Directors

Dear Vendors,

It hardly seems time for fall registration.  It seems as though we just started.  The market is off to a wonderful start with some amazing weather, beautiful hand crafts, new vendors, an abundance of early produce and the colorful plants.  The rain has held off for all of our markets creating the perfect environment for our customers and vendors alike.

The new parking lot will be really nice to have all vendors in the same area. This will benefit the vendors and customers. I am looking forward to the ending of the spring market and marching right into the fall market and not having to decide if the vendors will need to consolidate to one parking lot in the late fall.

Please notify your friends and family if they are musicians and would like to play at the market. We are getting more interest but I would like to see this fill up for every market. All they need to do is call the voicemail to register. This is not a paid gig but they can put out a tip jar.

It’s time to start thinking about if you would like to run as a board member for the next election.  The nomination committee will be around before the annual meeting to see who is interested or just let me know and I will have one of them contact you.

Thank you for a great start to the 2016 season, it’s wonderful after a long winter to see all your smiling faces and to meet all of the new vendors!


Some Friendly Reminders

1)    Drive slowly in the parking lots.
2)    Be kind to your neighboring vendors.
3)    Put weights on all four corners of your tents. Recommended 40 pounds per leg.
4)    Remember nothing on the grass.
5)    You may not sell other peoples items, plants, fruits or veggies. Only your stuff.
6)    You may not resale items that you bought.
7)    Wait till 12:30 to tear down and put your stuff away.
8)    Ask your neighbor before setting up a tent that goes into a neighboring space.
9)    Clean up your space when the market is over and haul your own garbage.
10)  Please report anything that seems unusual or if you have a problem to the market master.

Thank you,
Carla Rose
Market Master